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Natural Beaded Row Extensions – Georgetown – Washington DC

NBR Stands For Natural Beaded Row Extensions – Salon L’eau


They are an exclusive hair extension method where rows are placed in the hair by creating a “track” with an exclusive bead and string technique. Wefts are then placed on the track and sewn in. The extensions are then cut, colored, and blended to your real hair to create a natural and beautiful look! Natural Beaded Rows is the most innovative & lightweight hair extension application method that creates maximum length and fullness using hand tied hair.


This method uses an exclusive string and bead technique to create a solid foundation for extensions to lay upon. There are minimal points of contact to your natural hair to ensure minimal risk for damage.  Wefts of hand tied hair are placed in rows and sewn together to create a comfortable, natural and beautiful result. 


The NBR Experience includes custom coloring to your hair and the extension hair, strategic placement of rows, cut and style to achieve a seamless blend. You can wear these extensions straight, curly, air dried and are versatile to style, including ponytails. They hide better than any other technique available.